Introduction to the world

Hello World, we would like to take this time and introduce ourselves,we are armorteria,
 a small company with a clear mission. To provide you with the most innovative
 and productive consumer products available. Our flagship product is the HALO Sani- CUFF, 
designed by both my wife and I, made for the kids. Basically what it does is that it stores
 and dispenses hand sanitizer. They come with interesting stories surronding the characters
that kids themselves have developed. It would be wrong to take credit for the ideas the children had on the bands 
as they are seen now. They are...




          Being a soccer mom didn’t turn out like I expected, I have to juggle my kids schedule and mine just for everyone to be happy. One thing I noticed with my kids is they enjoy washing their hands before and after every game and meal. When there is no fountain or restaurant, they tend to avoid touching anything. When I discovered the wristbands that dispensed hand sanitizer, I knew I had found myself a solution. I tested it for two of their games and surprisingly it worked.   From then on I had them put on their wristbands...




          My sister and her husband are usually busy so I take care of thier two daughters who love helping out in the kitchen. I try not to get them messy but every time they turn up in the kitchen something gets overturned, and they get their hands messed up. Now I’m one to always have hand sanitizer ready, but with the Halo wristbands, I hardly worry about carrying a bottle around. It is portable and accessible at anytime. For the concerned parents who want their kinds germ-free I would propose the Halo sanicuffs.


 All parents should be encouraged to ensure that their children wear the Halo sanicuffs before going out especially  to a party because it is a known fact that they are exposed to many children,they play games and eat refreshment with the same hands. The sanicuffs would greatly minimize the spread of germs at such functions.

                                                                                                       concered parent


 As a nurse i would highly recommend for children who are being hospitalize and bed-ridden to use Halo sanicuff because such patients do find it difficult to get out of bed and i believe it would be safer for them to have such a convient and easy access to be rid of germs from their hands before they eat or rub the eyes etc, especially in a hospital where germs are prevalent.

                                                                                                                              Mary williams


I am a grandmother and i baby sit my two grandchildren. Also i have pet cats and my grandchildren just loves to play with them. At my age it has become difficult to be constantly washing their hands after playing with the pets.Now thanks to Halo Sanicuffs it makes my job alot easier.They are very convient, easy to refill and are always at access for my grandchildren.

                                                                                                                                                    Ula gomes


I am  a mother, and my husband and i have the hardest time getting our boys to wash their hands after going to the bathroom and before eating.Its hard keeping up with young boys on the go and the Halo sanicuffs are just the solution to compramise having them slow down and stop to wash their hands, it is readily availble on their wrists to just press and release sanitizer to take away those harmful bateria that lurks around everyday.

                                                                                              Nadia Morgan



 I am a single father and i was greatly concered about my daughter's health. She was so prone to getting sick due to the fact of her starting school and being exposed to so many different people who may be sick and carrying contagious germs.Halo sani cuff stood out to me because they are easily accessible to her and definitly the solution to my daughter's problem.They come in many colors and  are convient for those kids who are always on the move.

                                                                                          Mark smith


 As a mother i know it is not realistic to think you're going to get your children to wash their hands on various outings such as the picnics in the park or a day at the zoo etc.I feel statisfied that my children are using the Halo Sanicuffs which prevents them from contracting germs that would in the end affect my children's health.

                                                                                                       Doris naraine



    I am a single father with two lovely kids that love to get their hands messy. I tried having a little hand sanitizer packs on their back-packs, but I noticed they barely used it. Probably because they aren’t interested in carry their bags everywhere. When I heard about the Halo Sanicuffs wristbands I thought to give it a try. I got them in stylish colors and they were instantly attracted to them. After two days they asked for a refill and I was certain I wanted to keep on with the wristbands hand sanitizer. I would recommend this to...



My first daughter Molly is very athletic and her favorite sport is basketball. She goes to the court almost every day of the week and she comes back extremely sweaty with germy hands. When I discovered the Halo sanitary-cuff bands I knew she had to get one. From then on she had it on her like glue; I guess it was quite fashionable and comfortable on her wrist that she forgot it was even there. After a week or so I noticed that when she got in the car her hands weren’t so sweaty or dirty. I concluded...




My name is Cassandra, i have a daughter named Nina and she just started kindergarten.

I am involved in most of her school activities but when I am not around

I make sure she has her Halo wrist band on. I fell in love with the bands

when I realized it dispensed hand-sanitizer and also dispenses the righ

t amount so as not to have too much at once. My daughter loves exploring

with her hands and with the wrist band I am rest assured she is almost germ-free.

Ms. Cassandra...



    Being a parent and a concerned mom of two little kids, I worry about hygiene every minute of the day. My youngest son Andrew loves going to the park and playing in the sand-box. After playing in so much filth he never bothers to ask for a hand sanitizer or a napkin. Before I got him the sanitary band I had to constantly check that he wasn’t eating anything after playing in the kids sand-box. Now I simply stand by and watch him squeeze the band while it releases some sanitizer. My worries of Andrew falling sick has reduced and...


 Sorry for just putting them here, but since they have been coming in so fast and furiously we have decided to just start putting in the testimonials that we receive  from our users, right here on the blog here they go

A look at the People Who Use Our Products


A family photo was uploaded , with the products that we sell. We thought it was touching to see that we move so many people and lives. The best is yet to come. If you have some pictures do not hesitate to email us, your quirky look to We look forward to seeing you.